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Product & Services

Design Services

We have the technical expertise to custom design fittings and assemblies for our customers.  Our in-house engineering capabilities also allow us to provide an original design when necessary.  Additionally, we are capable of manufacturing parts based on any specification provided. 

Manufacturing Services

We provide two principal manufacturing solutions to our customers:

  • We design and fabricate custom hose-fitting assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) that require quantities in the single digits to hundreds of thousands of assemblies per order.
  • We supply industrial fittings (specializing in stainless steel and brass) to distributors on a wholesale basis. 


Our products include flexible metal, teflon, rubber, and composite hoses and assemblies.  We supply any material fitting, specializing in stainless steel and brass.  We provide a full range of fittings for our hoses, including threaded, o-ring, cam and groove, ANSI flange, tube, and sanitary. 

Some of our customer offerings:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Short run or limited quantities
  • Large quantities
  • Reverse engineering
  • Building from spec
  • Long-term supply agreements
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